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Rurals and Townies, a young adult novel.

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Welcome from St. Peters, Missouri

I am Louis J. Launer (some people call me L.J.).  I currently live in St. Peters, Missouri.  It is located in St. Charles County, just north of St. Louis.  St. Charles County is part of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.  It is a fabulous area and very historical.  St. Charles County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Missouri.  St. Peters is one of the county’s most dynamic cities, where its people work together as a solid community to make things work.  I am a lifelong resident of St. Charles, the county seat.  I am a graduate of St. Charles West High School (home of the Warriors and in 2008, 2nd place finishers in Class 4 basketball in the state).  I am also a graduate of Lindenwood College (now Lindenwood University), majoring in communications.  I originally had aspirations to become a broadcast journalist.  But the industry changed and wouldn’t allow me in, so I had to find a new career.

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What I Am Currently Doing Today

I currently work in credit and collections and have had 14 years experience in that field.  I have also worked as a mailroom manager, a video store manager and clerk, a movie theatre manager and I am also a writer!  I value my writing more than anything.  It’s what I really love to do.  I am a writer of over 30 articles published in the St. Charles County Heritage quarterly, a publication published by the St. Charles County Historical Society (http://www.scchs.org ).   Some of the other writing credits include being a minor league hockey writer/journalist.  I have been a correspondent for Pro Hockey News and a now-defunct publication called Just Hockey.  I have also been published in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette and have supplied material for other newspapers including the Quad City Times, the Kalamazoo Gazette, Muskegon Journal, Rockford Register-Star and the Flint Journal.   I have also served as a correspondent on mainly high school and minor league sports (baseball and hockey) for a local tabloid called the First Capitol News. 

As far as history outside of Missouri, I have been published in Astoria, Oregon in the Clatsop County Historical Society quarterly back in 1990.  It was a biography of Wilson Price Hunt, who led the overland expedition across the United States in 1811 at the same time his senior partner, John Jacob Astor, sailed on his clipper ship around the tip of South America to the Pacific Northwest. 


History of St. Charles County

St. Charles itself was founded in 1769 by Louis Blanchette, a French-Canadian from Quebec, who established a fur trading post here.  St. Charles is actually named for San Carlos Borromeo (Charles Borromeo) an Italian cardinal who wrote the Catholic catechism which is what is used today by the Catholic Church.  Soon after Blanchette founded St. Charles, known then as Les Petites Cotes (Little Hills), Spain had taken over the Louisiana territory.  It remained Spanish until 1799 when Napoleon took over as emperor of France.  The Louisiana Purchase of 1804 brought St. Charles and Missouri into the United States.
St. Charles was the rendezvous point for the explorers Lewis and Clark in 1804 as they began their westward journey.  The city is the home of Sainte Rose Philippine Duchesne, a Catholic nun who established one of the first schools west of the Mississippi River.
Missouri was granted statehood in 1821 and St. Charles was the first state capitol between 1821 and 1826, while Jefferson City was being established and constructed.  The First State Capitol in St. Charles is a state park and tours are held there every day.  A mural by Thomas Hart Benton in the current state capitol building in Jefferson City shows where the legislature first met.


I Am A Writer

I am currently working on novels, primarily fiction.  I like writing for young adults, but I have been considering writing for a full adult audience.  I have received many suggestions to write historical fiction, my autobiography and other ideas.  I am considering each and every one of them and I have been coming up with some ideas of my very own.  But I am always welcome for suggestions and I am also a writer for hire if anyone is looking for someone to have something written.   Click at the top about writing to learn more about writing.  I have a page on this web site devoted specifically to writing.

Now Available:  RURALS AND TOWNIES, an e-book.  You can order it by clicking on the following URL:  http://www.createspace.com/4661137



Coming January 14, 2015:  RURALS RULE: MOLLY'S REVENGE, the sequel in what has become the Blanchette High Series:

Rurals Rule: Molly's Revenge (Blanchette High) (Volume 2)


You can also follow the books on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/blanchettehighseries


About My Family

I am married to a beautiful and wonderful wife named Patricia (she goes by Trish) and I have quite a special stepdaughter named Kayla Pepmeyer.  Trish and I have been married since 2005 and couldn’t be any happier.  Trish used to work as a librarian at Monmouth College (home of the Fighting Scots!).  She also worked in the food service at Western Illinois University in Macomb (home of the Leathernecks) and is a graduate of both Spoon River College and Macomb High School (Go Bombers!).  Currently, Trish works as a freight broker in St. Louis.

Kayla will graduated this March from Anthem College with a Medical Technology Associates.  She graduated from  St. Charles West High School  in 2009.  Kayla has had quite a childhood!  Kayla was born without a left ventricle and has experienced seven open-heart surgeries.  The most recent operation was in 2010, during a very snowy December!  In ten years, I have seen a lot of growth in Kayla, who has become a very bright and independent young woman.  She always is a Good Samaritan and tries to help others who have needed help.  She has expressed a lot of interest in history and has aspirations to be a pediatric cardiology nurse, which I know she will succeed in doing.  Kayla likes to hang out in the historic Main Street area in St. Charles.  When we took our trip to Hawaii, she and her cousin, Katie Hvarven, enjoyed and was very interested in the sights of Pearl Harbor.  They were serious in seeing a piece of our nation's history.